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Our business model

Drug discovery in partnerships

Partner with us to unlock new drug discovery options for your membrane protein target with our discovery platform.

We deliver novel leads under flexible business structures, or integrate seamlessly with your discovery team to offer structure-based lead discovery and optimization solutions.

Foundations for Success: Delivery though a unique blend of capabilities and technology access.


General “what we do”

We apply state of the art  biophysical methods: Construct design, protein generation, crystallization, X-ray crystallography, cryo-EM and biophysical characterization of ligand interaction, analysis of data with computational methods.

We capitalize on our knowledge and experience in membrane protein structural biology and on the facilities of the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI), with access to the 3rd generation synchrotron SLS and the Free Electron Laser SwissFEL. Core expertise beyond X-ray includes single particle electron microscopy (cryo EM) and electron diffraction (ED). Our industry experience makes sure – we understand your needs and goals.


These unique capabilities make us your preferred partner for the development of innovative GPCR, ion channel or transporter activity modulating drugs.


The opportunities for our partners:

  • novel small molecule leads
  • inform and inspire medicinal chemistry by computational chemistry
  • uncover new / allosteric mechanisms of action, with a deep atomistic understanding of mechanism of action; discover new binding sites
  • uncover new medicinal chemistry starting points
  • increase target specificity and selectivity, reduce off-target effects
  • enable new approaches and options for previously intractable or  ‘undruggable’ membrane protein targets
  • Open up new  intellectual property space


Enable successful drug discovery of challenging targets and develop innovative drugs with novel IP, better specificity and drug like properties.

leadXpro portfolio

Oncology Program

We are developing best or first-in-class lead molecules capable of delivering improved efficacy and selectivity over currently available therapeutics.

leadXpro focusses its deep expertise in membrane protein structure-based drug discovery to develop selective molecules targeting critical G-protein coupled receptors and other membrane proteins.  Of particular interest are  selected pathways linked to immunomodulatory mechanisms which are strongly implicated in cancer.


Antibacterial Program

We are focusing on progressing first-in-class lead molecules that specifically target transporters of the outer membrane of Gram negative pathogens.

The rapid development of drug-resistant virulent strains means we are down to using the ‘last line’ of defense with no more treatment options available.

To meet this urgent unmet need, leadXpro is leveraging its core expertise in membrane protein structure based drug discovery to identify antibiotics with new mechanisms of action.